Driving Lessons In Lismore

Learner drivers taking driving lessons in Lismore have the advantage of experiencing driving in the CBD. This will give learners the opportunity to practice a large variety of driving skills required to improve confidence. Lismore CBD has numerous busy roundabouts both within the CBD and along the Bruxner Highway, over the Wilson River and out towards the airport.

These roundabouts are frequently used by larger vehicles including trucks and buses. Learners gain confidence entering and exiting the roundabouts, using indicators and performing the required mirror and blind spot checks.

Learner drivers need lots of exposure to many different roundabouts in different locations to gain the confidence to enter the roundabout when safe in order to keep the traffic flowing.

Lismore CBD has numerous pedestrian crossings and school zones where leaners concentrate on scanning for hazards and speed management. Lismore CBD is busy with moderate vehicle traffic including buses and high pedestrian activity. Learner Drivers practice responding to hazards and decision making as pedestrians often step out from in between parked cars. Other hazards include cars frequently stopping to reverse park or turn into or reverse out of a parking space.

Learners can practice vehicle positioning and maintaining their crash avoidance space with regard to parked cars, pedestrians and pushbike riders. There are numerous traffic lights within the Lismore area and several poorly marked stop signs which can be confusing for the learner driver who may not have been exposed to this.

The Bruxner Highway between Goonellabah to Lismore is multilane with an 80km speed limit, numerous multilane roundabouts and the speed limit reduces to 60km on descending into Lismore. Learners gain experience in maintaining their crash avoidance space, vehicle control, including but not limited to maintaining their speed up and down steep hills, vehicle positioning within their lane and conducting lane changes with required indication, mirror checks and blind spot checks.

Outside of Lismore CBD there are numerous country drives every learner driver should travel during the day, night and adverse weather to gain the necessary experience to be safe once driving solo on their P plates. Caniaba Road is a windy country road which loops from South Lismore through Caniaba and returns to the Bruxner Highway at McKees Hill.

Learner drivers can continue driving along the Bruxner Highway towards Casino experiencing driving at high speed on a country road shared with heavy vehicles, mostly single lane with lots of corners and hills. Leaner drivers practice travelling within their lane, maintaining vehicle control, maintaining crash avoidance space and hazard awareness which includes every other vehicle, the possibility of wild animals entering the road and blind corners to name a few.

On the other side of Lismore is Bangalow Road, another great opportunity for learners to experience driving on a mostly single lane windy country road with some continuing bends that inexperienced drivers can easily lose control of their vehicle if travelling at an unsuitable speed. Driving this road learners are encouraged to be aware of speed advisory signs for these corners so they understand the necessity to enter the corners at a safe speed to maintain vehicle control.

Learner Drivers can continue towards Bangalow or turn off and travel through Richmond Hill back up to the Bruxner Highway at Goonellabah.

Learner drivers in Lismore have numerous opportunities to gain experience on a large variety of roads to get exposure and experience required to be safer P-platers.

Our Lismore Driving Lessons focus on:

  • City driving
  • Country driving
  • Highway driving
  • Responding to hazards
  • Decision making
  • Blind spot checks
  • Kerbside stops
  • 3 point turns
  • Traffic lights
  • Peak and off-peak driving
  • Simple and complex traffic
  • Changing lanes
  • Changing gears
  • Vehicle controls
  • Narrow roads
  • Road positioning
  • Speed management
  • Steering
  • Stop signs, give way signs
  • Driving through busy pedestrian crossings
  • Driving around pedestrians
  • Driving through school zones
  • General parking skills
  • Reverse parallel parking
  • Scanning
  • Driving at night
  • Driving in adverse conditions