Driving Lessons In Lennox Head

Lennox Head is a great opportunity for P-plate driving whilst on L plates. Lets face it, at some point a new P-plater will head into Byron Bay with their friends along Byron Bay Road. This road needs to be traveled in all conditions, daytime, night-time and adverse weather.

From Lennox Head learners will drive through the village in the 40km high pedestrian activity zone and experience cars constantly stopping, parking, pulling out from the kerb and pedestrians.

Leaners can travel towards Lake Ainsworth and head around the western side of the Lake to experience travelling on an unsealed road. Learners experience how much further a car will take to stop on an unsealed road and how less in control the vehicle feels on corners. Lennox Head gives the opportunity for practicing kerb side stops, 3 point turns and reverse parallel parking in some quiet residential streets. From Lennox Head we head north along Byron Bay Road giving the opportunity to travel at 90km in the 100km zone. This section of the road is in good condition with good visibility and moderate traffic flow.

The learner driver has the opportunity to practice vehicle positioning within the lane whilst travelling at high speed, scanning, hazard awareness and maintaining a safe crash avoidance space. As the speed limit reduces to 80km the road deteriorates. The road condition is poor with pot holes, dangerous blind corners, large trees along either side of the road, poor road markings and moderate traffic.

North of Suffolk Park there are several roundabouts to practice indicating as required, entering roundabouts at a safe speed and blind spot checks. There is increased traffic therefore increased hazards. We can turn onto Bangalow Road and follow this to the M1 at Bangalow or continue into Byron Bay. Bangalow Road is another well travelled country road, narrow, lots of blind spots, sharp deceiving corners, poor condition and oncoming vehicles.

Vehicle positioning on this road is very important, particularly on the blind corners, as is speed management. On entering Byron Bay there is increased traffic, push bike and pedestrian activity, plenty of roundabouts to perfect blind spot checks, indicating and maintaining traffic flow. There are also a few stop signs and give way signs. From Byron Bay we head out along Ewingsdale Road to the M1 to head south, giving the opportunity to merge onto the M1, practice some highway driving, lane changes as required and vehicle control. We exit the M1 at Ross Lane.

A Driving Lesson in Lennox Head will help you master:

  • Kerbside stops
  • Blind spot checks
  • Steering
  • Simple traffic
  • Complex traffic
  • Reversing
  • Scanning
  • Speed management
  • Decision making
  • Responding to hazards
  • Road positioning
  • Stop signs, give way signs
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Driving through school zones
  • General parking skills
  • 3 point turns
  • Reverse parallel parking
  • Country driving
  • Changing gears
  • City and motorway driving