Driving Lessons In Alstonville

Alstonville lessons include travelling the Bruxner Highway. This gives learners a great opportunity to experience traveling at their maximum speed of 90km on a single and multilane highway that has a high collision rate involving death and serious injury.

Advantages here include practicing hazard awareness. Hazards include other vehicles, the ever changing environment, blind spots, the blinding sun, maintaining a safe crash avoidance space, lane changing, merging and safely negotiating corners at high speed.

Learner drivers practice exiting and merging onto the Bruxner Highway at Ballina Road Alstonville, Kays Lane Wollongbar and Sneaths Road Wollongbar. With varying speed limits of 80km and 100km, short merging lanes and hairpin bends, all learners must experience traveling these roads to assist in gaining confidence to become safe solo P plate drivers. Learners need exposure to the hairpin bend exits at Kays Lane as most are not aware of how slow or what gear they should be in to prevent losing control on this corner.

Learners drive Ballina Road (main street) through Alstonville and continue onto Lismore Road west of Alstonville. Alstonville provides opportunities for local driving, cornering, blind spot checks, indicating and mastering parking techniques in both busy shopping centres and in residential streets.

Experienced learners will travel down Gap Road from Alstonville back to the Bruxner Highway. Gap Road is narrow, unsealed and windy and learners practice entering corners at an appropriate speed to prevent the car from losing traction and sliding. This area is also great for night drives and driving in poor weather conditions as it becomes more dangerous.

Alstonville gives the opportunity for country drives on the old roads. From Ballina north we can enter onto Tamarind Drive and follow this onto Tintenbar Road, Teven Road, Tuckombil Road and Rifle Range Road. These roads expose learners to blind corners traveling at 80km/h, windy narrow roads, oncoming vehicles at high speed, blinding headlights, use of high beam and hills to ascend and descend. Trucks and motorbikes frequently use these roads.

From Tintenbar area there is also the opportunity to travel along Friday Hut Road, Fernleigh Road or Eltham Road, all very narrow, winding and in poor condition. Learners need this experience during the day, night and adverse weather conditions giving learners greater exposure thus building confidence.

At Proactive Driver training we want our learners to have as much exposure to as many different situations, so nothing is foreign once they begin driving solo on their P plates.

Our Alstonville Driving Lessons focus on:

  • Vehicle controls
  • Steering
  • Kerbside stops
  • 3 point turns
  • City and motorway driving
  • Country driving
  • Changing gears
  • Scanning
  • Stop signs, give way signs
  • Driving through busy pedestrian crossings
  • Driving around pedestrians
  • Driving through school zones
  • Decision making
  • Responding to hazards
  • General parking skills
  • Reverse parallel parking
  • Reversing
  • Simple traffic
  • Complex traffic
  • Driving in adverse conditions
  • Driving at night